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Duckhurst Farm have a long standing history of supplying quality irish horses.  We hand pick all of our ponies and horses to ensure that each excel in all aspects.

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We have hand picked a variety of ponies and horses from novices ready to produce to experienced school masters. All exceling in any aspect of the job after being tried and tested in many different situations.

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Dark Brown Gelding - 14.2hh - 6yrs

Tommy is a great all round fun cob that has a lovely attitude to his work. He is an active but sensible little chap to ride and he jumps very well. Tommy is great to ride both in the school and the field and he does not get strong or silly in big open spaces. He would be a good cob for hunting, hunter trials etc and he is great to hack out in any traffic. Lovely nature and good to handle both in and out of the stable.



Dark Brown Gelding - 14.2hh - 7yrs

Indie has done lots of SJ and XC activities in Ireland and has a good bold jump but is very sensible and easy to ride. He rides in a snaffle and has nice paces and would be an ideal pony for all PC activities. He is good out hacking and will happily go 1st or last in all traffic including tractors and farm machinery. Indie is very kind and sensible to handle and is sweet nature with children.



Dark Grey Mare - 16hh - 4yrs

Ella is a super quality Irish mare that has very good Irish Draught breeding. She is extremely kind ans sensible and has been well started in her riding career. She has 3 nice well balanced paces and carries herself in a good natural soft outline. Ella is riding nicely in the school and is showing a lovely jump over both coloured and natural fences. She has been hacked out alone and in company and is sensible with traffic. Ella is a lovely looking mare that moves nicely and is ready to school on for any RC, Showing or SJ career. She has a lovely sweet temperament and is great to manage both in the stable and the field. No Vices.



Black Gelding - 13hhh - 10yrs

Bugsy is a sweet and steady pony that has competed at small SJ shows and has done some mini XC. Bugsy is great ridden out in wide open spaces as he does does not get hot or silly and is snaffle mouth at all times. He is good both on and off the lead rein and would be an ideal family or RS pony. Very good out hacking and not fazed by heavy traffic or farm machinery. Good to box, shoe, and catch.



Black Mare - 15hh - 6yrs

Tilly is a great little mare that has competed at SJ shows , XC training and has Hunted in Ireland. She enjoys work and has a great jump showing lots of scope and a super attitude. She has been ridden here both on her own and in company in big open spaces and is enthusiastic without being hot or silly. Tilly is not spooky about her jumping and will face fillers, hedges, ditches etc with no hassle. She is good out hacking and excellent with traffic. Lovely temperament and easy to catch, shoe and box.



Coloured Gelding - 15.1hhh - 8yrs

A good looking cob that has done lots of hacking and trekking. He is kind and genuine and is very good to hack out alone or in company, and is sensible with the heaviest of traffic. He has a great temperament and is nice to catch, bath, shoe and load. He would be an ideal family or RS type.



Skewbald Mare - 12hh - 9yrs

Rosie is a really kind little mare that has been ridden and jumped at shows and used for pony club games and xc. She is forward going but not hot headed or fizzy and has been great on rallies and XC practices etc. where she is happy with water, ditches etc. Rosie is very good to hack out and not fazed by traffic and farm machinery. She has a lovely temperament and is great to handle, bath, load etc.



Strawberry Roan Gelding - 14.2hh - 7yrs

Robbie is a very flashy pony that has good movement and great presence.  He is a very good jumper and has competed at both unaffiliated and  BS shows gaining approx 180 points in BN and Discovery classes as he is  a careful pony and is naturally quick against the clock. Robbie has excellent manners and will happily ride out sensibly in big open spaces and is very good to hack out either alone or in company. He has a great temperament and is lovely to handle in and out of the stable. An ideal pony for a child that is ready to go on and compete and win rosettes!



Grey Gelding - 15.2hh - 7yrs

Cloud is a very kind and gentle little horse that has recently come over from Ireland where he has been Hacking and lightly Hunted. He has good paces and moves  nicely, and he is showing a very nice technique over a jump. Cloud rides in a snaffle and he is a steady and gentle horse. He is great to hack both alone or in company and is good with traffic. He has a good temperament and is kind to handle both in and out of the stable.



Coloured Gelding - 15.3hhh - 6yrs

Harry is a real gentleman to ride and is great with a novice or more experienced rider. He has been Hunting in Ireland and doing SXC schooling and Charity Rides and has 3 nice paces and a careful jump. He is very well mannered in big open spaces and does not hot up or get strong - he will happily hack alone or in company, goes first or last and is not fazed by even the heaviest of traffic. Harry has a great temperament and is good to handle in and out of the stable.