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Duckhurst Farm have a long standing history of supplying quality irish horses.  We hand pick all of our ponies and horses to ensure that each excel in all aspects.

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We have hand picked a variety of ponies and horses from novices ready to produce to experienced school masters. All exceling in any aspect of the job after being tried and tested in many different situations.

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Little Stars

- 12hh - 13.hh - 9+yrs

A selection of super childrens ponies from 12h - 13.2hh. All have been well used and regularly ridden by young children and are kind and easy to handle. Prices from £2000 upwards. Call us for more info.



Chestnut Mare - 15.2hh - 12 yrs

Bubbles is a lovely sweet natured mare that has been hacking and doing small shows in ireland with a mature lady. She is great to hack alone or in company and is very good with all traffic and she does not hot up or get strong in open spaces.  Bubbles jumps nicely and is happy with natural and coloured fences would give a novice rider lots of confidence. A very kind and easy mare to handle both in and out of the stable and to catch from the field.



Bay Gelding - 16.2hh - 11yrs

A lovely well mannered horse that has done lots of Training shows, XC, and Hacking in Ireland. Roman is a real gentleman that has lovely polite manners, good paces,nice flatwork and is calm to jump and ride in open spaces, and is very good out hacking and sensible with all traffic . He would be a great schoolmaster for a novice or a lovely RC type for more experienced riders. Roman has a sweet temperament and is very kind and easy to manage and is good to load, clip, shoe and catch.



Bay Roan Mare - 12hh - 7yrs

A really sweet natured pony that has been used by children for sj, xc and hacking. She is a very gentle and steady ride and is kind and well mannered and rides happily on her own or in company. She has a very nice jump and lovely paces, and could school on for showjumping or local showing.  Petal is easy to handle and the children can lead her, groom her, wash her etc with no worries.



Grey Gelding - 16.2hh - 10yrs

A lovely upstanding horse that has hunted all last season with an older gentleman. Bernie is a very uncomplicated horse to ride that has nice flatwork, a snaffle mouth,  he jumps very well and has done some showjumping shows as well as his XC. Very good out hacking both on his own or with others, and good with traffic. He has great manners and a sober temperament and is sweet natured to handle both in and out of the stable.



Bay Mare - 16hh - 8yrs

Great Irish type that is a real schoolmistress to go SJ, XC and Working Hunter type classes. Jenny is great fun and an easy but responsive ride, she is a bold jumper and will ride on  and do her job. Jenny has done loads of XC and hunting, and lots of training shows. She is excellent out hacking and good with the heaviest of traffic. Great temperament.



Grey Gelding - 16hh - 12yrs

A Show Cob that has previously competed successfully in Maxi Cob classes, gaining a 3rd place in the Maxi Cob Championship at the extremely prestigious Dublin Horse Show! He is very well established in his paces, riding in a balanced and ryhmincal canter, flashy enough for any show ring. A very ridable horse, snaffle mouthed at all times, whilst jumping, working in the school & in open spaces. A full bred Irish Draft that has hunted several seasons in Ireland - facing any obsticals along the way. He has a bold jump and would excel in any SJ/XC competitions. Dublin hack very well in company & on his own passing all traffic. lovely temperament in and out of the stable - Good to catch, clip, shoe, no vices etc



Blue And White Gelding - 15.1hh - 7yrs

Minty is a fun lightweight cob type.He rides well on the flat, good to jump and snaffle mouthed at all times. Minty faces both natural and coloured fenes and would make a fantastic PC event type or RC horse. He hacks well on his own and in companyand is good with all traffic. Nice to catch and to handle in the stable - Minty is very kind natured.



Black Gelding - 15hhh - 9yrs

Freddy is a fun family horse. He is the perfect schoolmaster with the comfiest canter! Freddy rides in the snaffle at all times and is riding well in the school and open spaces. He is unfased by both coloured and natural jumps.  He has hunted several times in Ireland and has done some showjumping competitions and is very willing xc.  Good to hack and sensible with traffic. Freddy is easy to catch and good to handle in and out of the stable! A lovely allrounder.



Grey Mare - 15hhh - 6yrs

Mary is a good looking well built Irish cob. She rides well and has 3 nice paces. Snaffle mouth and rides well on her own or in company - not the type to get hot or excited . Mary has also done some driving in Ireland. She is very good to hack, faces all traffic and will go first or last. Good to catch,shoe,bath etc. No vices



Piebald Mare - 15hh - 9yrs

A very kind uncomplicated mare that is sober and well mannered to ride and to handle. She hacks out both alone and in company and is a steady snaffle mouthed ride both in the arena and when she is in big open spaces. Splash jumps nicely and has done some XC and small shows. A sweet natured mare that is nice and easy to manage both in and out of the stable. No vices.